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New West Gallery is based in Lava Hot Springs, Idaho. We feature several diverse lines of products and can ship about anywhere. 
Enjoy your visit!!
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This is the main part of the page. What will they see, contact form, propganda, etc.

Note: The "Shop" link intentionally opens in a separate page. THIS IS SO IF THE CUSTOMER SWITCHES BACK AND FORTH, THE SESSION WILL NOT BE LOST....THE CART GETTING DUMPED. I can put the cart in a popup, but when the popup is closed, the session is lost. I have disabled the "Galleries" link for the time being because it will need to be a mega menu, which will be confusing with many galleries.

The intention of galleries is they are SEO rich. ie: If a customer comes in from an image link (using image alts) from search we can get thm to the shop from there. Plus, every gallery has a seperate set of head tags (keywords,description etc.) to enhance SEO. The galleries can be any number of images.... 1 or 101.

Each gallery should correspond to a category in the cart, You will notice a link at the bottom of the gallery that takes the customer to that category in the cart. Once in the cart, I am guessing they will stay there.

Also, only one image size is needed. Both the cart and gallery will point to the same image and the size is contrilled in code. In the cart you can use different views...4 or 5 if needed. In the galleries, I recommend just using the main image. No matter what size an images are, they can be resized in bulk resize software (free). NOTE: All main images should be in LANDSCAPE even if you get a lot of background. This makes your pages look a lot more professional. The detail views in the cart won't bother so much.

On the left menu, I have added animation. We can us any you like or none. I will be adding more links to the top menu as we need them. Also, I have Font Awsome style sheet and javascript links in the head, so it will be easy to add any social links.(They are powerful)

Don't worry about colors and style too much yet, I want to get the mechanics right first. I have everything in the code well commented, so most developers will have no problem at some point. The code is all based on Bootstrap4 which is the most common in use. It is a monster, but you can do about anything with it.
Click on the images in the modals (popups) so you can see how they act. Click anywere outside the modal and it closes.

Don't worry about the links at the bottom of the
galleries, they are just linked into some category in the cart so you can see how they work.

 Everything here stays where it is ...Using Modals)